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Fifty New Year's Resolutions

December 29, 2017

As the curtains begin to draw shut on 2017 and we look forward to the promise of a new year, I felt it best to get resolution-picking...


In the past, this selection process typically happens champers in hand and impulsively, minutes before the countdown clad in a sparkly number and broken high heels... "I'm going to go to the gym EVERY day..." yeah, that totally happened. Or, "I'm going to stop drinking ALL year", again...I've 'another round?'-ed more times than I've had roast dinners this year. Unrealistic.



Suffice to say, this time I've decided to take resolutions seriously, to be the best I can possibly. The new year allows for us to mentally compartmentalise fresh starts from old news - it's a chance to start a new for some and although the differentiation of 11.59 and 00.00 doesn't see us physically change, I believe, mentally, our outlooks are altered. 


So instead of searching online for resolutions, I've decided upon a more straightforward method - to simply ask myself what I really want to change and improve on. Here's my list of fifty resolutions that I think can be applied to most, for a happier and healthier 2018...


* In no particular order...


1. Have courage and be kind - *Cinderella's mum knew the score. 


2. Make more time for my family - immediate and otherwise.


3. Keep my personal life (good or bad) seperate from my work.


4. A stronger focus on my health


5. Curb my cigarette desires when drinking


6. Turn my phone off more (or airplane mode)


7. Maintain good manners *please and thank you never do you harm*


8. Become a culinary goddess. *I think this is my top NY resolution*


9. Walk to work more. (If it's do-able on the distance front, why not?!)


10. Save money... *perhaps my trickiest resolution.


11. Wake up early every day. Sunday's are for lie-ins.


12. Life my life how I want to... *drop the tendency to be a sheep and follow "the norm", as long as it's not hurting anyone.


13. Smile...ALOT. * I already do, but some more won't hurt?!


14. Go to the gym on the days I can, Netflix can wait for after.


15. Don't quit drink, but drink less. *if my friends are reading this, they are probably shaking their heads mouthing "she'll never do it"!


16. Incense sticks, candles and aroma diffusers - * I've picked this up more lately, they really do relax you.


17. Have more bubble baths. 


18. Plan my holidays - *gone are the days of spontaneous trips to Venice that end up costing me an arm and a leg due to lack of forward thinking! 


19. Stop buying the whole bar a round of drinks after I've had a few too many *I think I'm a millionaire-ess after a vodka, soda, lime*


20. Sleep more. 


21. Drink more water.


22. Say no to things I really just do not want to do *it's better this way than letting someone down further down the line* 


23. Read more self-improvement books * Sarah Knight is a genius...*


24. Back up my laptop/phone more often


25. Continue French Lessons... *sorry old tutor, I was busy OK?*




26. Curb my tendency to procrastinate *stares at computer screen for 52 minutes...*


27. Avoid dsitractions *Facebook memes and Netflix you really are the bane of my life* 


28. Enjoy the little things.


29. Be more charismatic


30. Become more confident when treated unjustly.


31. Maintain a positive attitude *glass half full and all that...*


32. Strengthen my relationships


33. Call far-away-friends more often.


35. Visit my brother in Australia *Christmas 2018*


36. Two coffee's a day...three is a little excessive in the space of two hours.


37. Improve my posture


38. Upgrade my phone *no more death by Instagram stories - iPhone 6, you're pathetic*


39. Consult my diary every single day.


40. Learn the names of machines at the gym... *instead of: where's that one that's good for the legs?!*


41. Attend my favourite exercise class more... *again, sorry I was busy?!*


42. Start calling more than texting.. *texting is quite time consuming, right?*


43. Refrain from scrolling through insta every time I have a spare second.


44. Check the news more. *That's coming from someone currently studying a Master's in...Journalism, yep*


45. Be more grateful 


46. Be thankful for what I do have, not what I don't.


47. Keep Linkedin and personal portfolio up to date


48. Graduate with a Master's degree... *how hard can it be, right?*


49. Use my phone less as an alarm.


50. Live life. *Simple*


Happy 2018 everyone...










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