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Kalifornia Kitchen: The Instagrammable Restaurant You Need On Your Radar

Instagrammable? Tick. CBD craze locked down? Tick. Food goals? Tick. Blimey, sounds like Kalifornia Kitchen has got it all, plus the name is darn sexy too. Emanating whizz, bangs and wops of millennial vibes inside, this groovy pink restaurant is a real go-to for a CBD latte, tacos of dreams and a setting fresh out of an influencer’s Insta feed, and we adore it! Opened by influencer Loui Blake, the new Bloomsbury venue delves into the mantra of ‘healthy is sexy,’ using the power of plants, sustainability and innovative dishes to make up their vibrant menu that consists of an abundance of vegan delights. A few snaps by the ‘Don’t Kale My Vibe,’ sign and positioned on the pink spiral staircase

This Brand New VR Experience Will Blow Your Mind

If the human world leaves you feeling rather morose then you’ll be pleased to hear that there’s a whole new world for you to explore. Let’s face it, immersive experiences are getting weirder, and weirder and weirder by the minute – but that’s why we love them, and we think you’re going to love this. The Otherworld is, quite literally, what it says on the tin; a neon-cum-pastel extravaganza that’s all about VR, immersion and zingy Scientific fanfare. You’d think the location was all hush, hush but it is in fact cuddled up underneath a railway arch in Haggerston. Take a wander down there and, Harry Potter-esque, enter a new and groovy world where cocktails, craft beer and island cuisine are th

London’s Booziest Tearoom

What with the ebbs and flows and bustling chaos of life, things can tend to get a little jam-packed on the diary front. However when you get asked if want to crash back and grab a cocktail at The Hippodrome’s Boozy Tearoom there’s little else you can do but cancel all plans on that day and go! Doing just this, I experienced the sheer luxuriousness of the naughty, decadent tearoom nestled in London’s notorious casino; a place where, despite being in the midst of London’s Leicester Square, felt anything but that with an air of a world removed and Alice in Wonderland eccentricity playfully surrounding the venue. To expand on what could sound like a glorified bar on first hearing, the Boozy Tear

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