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"We bought a van on ebay for £500 and put a coffee machine in the back"

I talk all things coffee, parking fines and Aus with owner of Routes coffee, Will Penfold. C: Tell me where it all began? W: So, me and my best friend Jim used to work in Australia together in a coffee shop and when we came home we wanted to start our own café, but we couldn’t afford it. So, we bought a van on ebay for £500 and put a coffee machine in the back of it and started doing small events and festivals. Then eventually through time we’ve managed to upgrade it and now we’ve got a shop in Hackney Wick. C: How old were you when you started it all off? W: 23! C: How did you reach out to people and do the festivals? W: Through people we already knew in the industry so e-mail for example a

“A classroom was never really my thing”

I talk all things wedding, money-making and “never work with children or animals” with young entrepreneur Ellie Taylor, owner of photography business Photography by Ellie Jayne. C: So where did it all begin, Ellie? E: I never really knew what I was going to do until I got to college, and by that point I realised university wasn’t the best path for photography. A classroom was never really my thing. The practical side was more important to me. I met someone that took me on as an assistant. I met her randomly and now she’s my best friend now. Now, I pay her to work for me and visa-versa! C: How did all of that come about? E: I use to ask every photographer around for experience, but it was so

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